New Deal – WRAS alumni counter GPB offer

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 25, 2014
Photo from a Facebook page created to promote the boycott of the GPB takeover of WRAS. /File

Photo from a Facebook page created to promote the boycott of the GPB takeover of WRAS. /File

Alumni working to maintain student-control of the Georgia State University radio station today published a counter-proposal that claims to offer GSU – and its students – a better deal than the current agreement with Georgia Public Broadcasting.

GSU on May 6 announced a “historic partnership” with Georgia Public Broadcasting to bump student programming for GPB’s. The announcement was news to the students working at WRAS, who said they weren’t consulted beforehand. There have been several meetings since, and the official date of the GPB takeover date was pushed back from June 2 to June 29.

Reid Laurens, a spokesperson for Album 88 Alumni group, said the proposal creates more than 100 opportunities for internships with companies like Turner Broadcasting and Cox Communications. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that Georgia Public Broadcasting couldn’t run programming on a FM station owned by GSU.

“Recent FCC rulings allow for the use of FM translators which would allow GPB to broadcast in the Atlanta area while leaving the original frequency unchanged—both formats can be broadcast via the WRAS-FM license, at two slightly different points on the FM dial,” the proposal from the alumni group said.

To read the proposal, click this link: ALUMNI PROPOSAL TO THE ADMINISTRATION – Final

Laurens said the alumni group submitted a draft of its proposal to GSU a few days ago.

“I think we’re offering more of everything,” he said.

Laurens said GSU hasn’t issued an official response. reached out to GSU for a reaction and will update this story when the university responds.

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