Decatur seeks to restore grass by the bandstand on the Square

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 11, 2016
File photo by Dan Whisenhunt, taken on July 10, 2014.

File photo by Dan Whisenhunt, taken on July 10, 2014.

Grass doesn’t have a long lifespan on around the bandstand on the Decatur Square.

Two years ago, City Commissioner Fred Boykin lamented that the grass looked “a little woebegone.” The Square sees a lot of foot traffic from Decatur’s festivals and events. The grass barely gets established before it is trampled again and again.

On Wednesday, the city’s going to take another shot at establishing a lush lawn that will withstand the comings and goings of pedestrians. On July 13, Plants Creative Landscapes will install “a new pervious system┬áthat allows the grass to grow through it while at the same time reducing the stress on the roots,” the city says.

“The construction area will be fenced off during the two week installation project and the two grassed areas will be fenced through the end of August to allow the new sod to get established,” the press release from the city says. “The project also includes additional landscaping designed to encourage pedestrians to stick to the sidewalks and use the lawn for passive recreation rather than using it as a shortcut.”

On June 20, the City Commission awarded a $32,792 contract to Plants for the work. The new system will have a five-year warranty and there’ll be a six month warranty on the grass.

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