Dear Decaturish – I oppose Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 31, 2016
Gov. Nathan Deal. Source:

Gov. Nathan Deal. Source:

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Dear Decaturish,

Yesterday, Celeste Headlee, host of GPB’s “On Second Thought,” invited listeners to call to say whether or not they would vote in the upcoming election. The broadcast was focused on the presidential race. Here are my thoughts about what I might say in answer to that question.

National politics aside, I will definitely vote this fall so that I can oppose Governor Deal’s Opportunity School District that would remove the named schools from any kind of local control or oversight. The state department already has a system in place that has a proven track record in helping schools improve, including an emphasis on engaging parents and communities. The Opportunity School District is just another “opportunity” to divert funds from public schools to private pockets.

Those who study student performance deeply know that our schools are not failing. Our culture, society, and public institutions are failing our schools. Our collective unwilllingness to commit to providing sufficient jobs, income, and healthcare to all of our citizens has created neighborhoods where schools struggle against gargantuan odds. I will vote to try to keep public money in public schools.

Daphne Hall, retired teacher
Decatur, Georgia

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