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Decatur releases draft of diversity action plan

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt December 4, 2015

Decatur’s consultant has released a full draft of a plan intended to help Decatur become a more diverse and welcoming place. The plan was supposed to be released on Nov. 12, but the consultant – the Art of Community – instead released a list of more than 70 action items which were made available for […]

(PHOTOS) – Decatur hosts diversity discussion

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 29, 2015

The city of Decatur is in the process of creating a “Community Action Plan” to address concerns about the city’s dwindling diversity. As part of the development of the plan, the city hosted a Community Action Planning Cafe Conversation at the Ebster Recreation Center on Saturday, Aug. 29. The city recently entered into a $109,000 agreement with […]

Decatur surveying residents about diversity

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 10, 2015

The city of Decatur is creating a plan to address the city’s dwindling diversity and wants feedback. Under the auspices of the Better Together campaign, the city is supporting the creation of a Community Action Plan that will tie together input from around the community about issues surrounding diversity. As part of the development of the plan, […]

Decatur considering $100,000 for creation of Community Action Plan

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 20, 2015

The creation of a plan to address concerns about decreasing diversity in the city of Decatur is expected to cost upwards of $100,000. Part of that would be funded by a $25,000 grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. The rest of the funding is in the city’s current budget, according to a memo […]

Decatur Commissioners defend police chief

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 7, 2014

Decatur City Commissioners defended the city’s police chief after voting to approve “A Community Action Plan for a Compassionate Decatur.” That plan includes a $25,000 contract for facilitating a conversation about compassion and diversity. Members and supporters of the Decatur Community Coalition spoke during the Oct. 6 City Commission meeting, but not everyone was on […]

Diversity report shows Decatur getting whiter

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 5, 2014

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence of the growth in Decatur’s white population and decline in black population, but a soon-to-be-released report could provide fuel for discussions about diversity in the city. The city’s elected officials are grappling with questions about how to ensure Decatur’s housing options can support mix of incomes. The city’s police officers […]

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