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Doing good for goodness’ sake

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Doing good for goodness’ sake


Today I had breakfast with someone who is doing something good because it’s a good thing to do.

Jarod Apperson is a forensic accountant in Midtown. He started the Grading Atlanta blog, a place where he uses his accounting skills to dissect and reconstruct the Atlanta Public Schools budget.

Jarod doesn’t have children in the school system and no other rooting interests to speak of. I met Jarod at the Flying Biscuit in Midtown for breakfast.  He spoke at a meeting I recently covered for Reporter Newspapers. I learned he’s also from Alabama, Trussville, and got interested in APS because he thinks a good public education is good for everyone.

Jarod is polite and professional. He goes to community meetings that aren’t even in his community. As best I can tell, he’s not doing this for any kind of notoriety or profit. He intends to get his doctorate at Georgia State, in something called micro economics.

I’m not qualified to comment on the validity of Jarod’s conclusions about the APS budget. I generally give someone with the title of “forensic accountant” a little more latitude on these matters.

I’ve put Jarod’s Grading Atlanta on my blog roll. I’m hopeful we can collaborate on future projects. I think he’s got the right idea. More people should use their time and talents to empower the electorate. I hope to do some of that here, too.

When I’m not writing about my cat, that is.