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Star Trek, Cheesesteaks and craft beer at a movie theater.

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Star Trek, Cheesesteaks and craft beer at a movie theater.


By now most of the real nerds in Atlanta, the kind who insist Monday is the new Tuesday before DragonCon and gather with three of their best friends at Trader Vics, have seen “Star Trek Into Darkness.” I opted to go at 8 p.m. with some fellow-nerds for protection. My friends and fellow Decaturites Lori, Catie and Tom joined my wife and I at the Midtown Art Cinema.

You can buy craft beer at the counter, in addition to your sodas and popcorn, at the Midtown Art Cinema. If you’re truly bold you can get a giant Red Stripe. People take lots of bathroom breaks, so excuse me, excuse me, sorry, excuse me.

No one lined up for the movie. We were there a full hour early, expecting that the line would be an endless loop of pointy-eared fan boys wrapped around the building, their eyebrows cocked as they contemplated the purpose of a 40 oz beer.

I love J.J. Abram’s take on this series. It’s true to the roots but also a lively chase from beginning to end. He seldom lets the audience take a break and yet finds time to squeeze in just enough character development to make the movie emotionally compelling. A friend of mine asked whether the movie was too much brawn and not enough brains. I’ve considered the question myself.

I’d say that brains is overrated. The film is weighty enough with its emphasis on human sacrifice and hard moral choices. Also, let’s not forget that brains was largely a function of the limited budgets of the shows. Lots of Day-in-the-Life TNG episodes where Data trained his cat. The best ones were always Borg episodes. If they had the kind of money J.J. Abrams had, it wouldn’t look too much different. (“First Contact” was the last Trek film I enjoyed before J.J. Abrams took over, and the approaches are quite similar.)

My main criticism (and this could be a technical limitation of the theater) is that I couldn’t hear the dialogue in some of the louder action sequences. Other than that, phenomenal. Can’t wait to see Star Wars.

We also capped off our night with a Philly Cheesesteak at Woody’s just down the street. It’s like unicorns jumping over rainbows in my mouth. So meaty and cheesy.