Georgia Tech grad’s idea for the world’s first “International Quarantine Facility”

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 27, 2013

This is just fascinating.

It's called "Portmanteau." You may call it by its true name. "Architectural Badassery."

It’s called “Portmanteau.” You may call it by its true name. “Architectural Badassery.”

“Portmanteau” is an homage to famous architect, and homegrown talent, John C. Portman. Dragon*Con attendees will know his work well. He designed the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. It’s the one with that soaring interior that you gawk at drunkenly at 2 a.m. Portman’s fingerprints can be found all over Atlanta. This was the master’s thesis of a friend of a friend, Ian Fralick.

To check out more of his thesis, click here.

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