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Batman-Superman movie on the way

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Batman-Superman movie on the way

When I was in school, Batman was my first career option and Superman was my backup. I'm totally Batman, by the way.

When I was in school, Batman was my first career option and Superman was my backup. I’m totally Batman, by the way.

The day Hollywood ran out of ideas, which I believe was around  the time “Jurassic Park 2” was released, was a fortuitous moment in my life.

I didn’t know it then, but I was destined to spend much of my adult life looking at big-screen adaptations of my favorite heroes. Now, for the first time, Batman and Superman will appear together in a non-animated film, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Christian Bale won’t reprise the role of Batman, which isn’t that surprising. You don’t want to pull a Johnny Depp by playing one character so much you run him into the ground. Bale gave the best interpretation of the character that I’ve seen. I always admired how he committed himself to the role. Also, his performance in “The Dark Knight” really set the bar for his successors.

I haven’t seen the new “Superman” movie. I like the character well enough but I heard mixed reviews about “Man of Steel.” I’m still undecided whether I’ll wait for it on DVD. I feel like I have some obligation to see it, like it’s nerd jury duty.

Making a “Batman/Superman” movie is like going on a blind date. It could be unexpectedly wonderful but there are a million different ways it could go horribly wrong. Christopher Nolan’s involvement is reassuring, but even his take on Batman faltered in places. (“Dark Knight” was incredible, but the pacing of the last 45 minutes or so was uneven. Nolan does get points for not ending the movie with a third act full of explosions.)

Curious to see the actor who will replace Bale.

The two suggestions I’ve liked the most are Ryan Gosling, a film actor, and Jon Hamm, who plays Don Draper on “Mad Men.”

Both certainly fit the look of the character, but I’m leaning toward Jon Hamm because I think he’s able to convey that aloofness that is essential to the character of Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter-ego.

Nolan could also make an unconventional choice, picking someone like Tom Cruise to generate some minor controversy. But that would be risky, even for a director/producer known for taking risks.

I’d personally like to see an adaptation of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” which would open up many more intriguing casting possibilities.

While I’m on the subject of DC universe crossovers, I wish they would finally make an animated adaptation of the epic “Kingdom Come” miniseries. If they follow the same formula as the recent animated adaptations of “Batman: Year One” and “The Dark Knight Returns,” I don’t think they can go wrong.