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Checking in from Dragon*Con

Decaturish updates

Checking in from Dragon*Con

Doo wop, doop doo be dee wop, doo doo wop, do wow!

Doo wop, doop doo be dee wop, doo doo wop, do wow!

Dragon*Con 2013 people, yeah-uh. I am here, chilling and waiting on the Nerd Herds to thin out from morning registration before venturing down. A couple of notes.

– Yesterday was spent in the registration herp derp that is part of the deal you make when you pre-register. I have to say, though, it’s a little disappointing when the people who pay cash get through the line faster than you. They are paying more but I would pay more if I didn’t have to deal with that hot mess. Ideas for next year.

– Lanyards should be free. I waited in a second needless line to buy two lanyards. They cost $5. Absurd.

– It’s going to rain and whatnot. I have no shits to give. I will be all over it, rain or shine.

– Did you see the Vandy – Ole Miss game last night?


Vandy lost.

– Costumes this year: Dude from Rockapella, Axe Cop and Batman. Batman!!!!!

– Objectives this year:

1) Achieve balance between love for football, love for Star Trek.

2) Watch Bama game.

3) Bathe.

4) Walk up 35 flights of stairs to avoid standing ass-to elbow in an elevator with people who have not achieved objective No. 3.

5) Avoid panels that require 8 hour waits.

6) Not lose my badge.

– Do not touch the camera lens!!!!!! (This is a portion of an argument, ignore it).

– Do not eat Cheesy Poofs in the bed or you will be a Tennessee fan.

– Bring your asthma inhaler with you everywhere.

– The Falcons are on TV? Why are the Falcons on TV?

– Dragon*Con! W000t!