Checking in from Dragon*Con

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 30, 2013
Doo wop, doop doo be dee wop, doo doo wop, do wow!

Doo wop, doop doo be dee wop, doo doo wop, do wow!

Dragon*Con 2013 people, yeah-uh. I am here, chilling and waiting on the Nerd Herds to thin out from morning registration before venturing down. A couple of notes.

– Yesterday was spent in the registration herp derp that is part of the deal you make when you pre-register. I have to say, though, it’s a little disappointing when the people who pay cash get through the line faster than you. They are paying more but I would pay more if I didn’t have to deal with that hot mess. Ideas for next year.

– Lanyards should be free. I waited in a second needless line to buy two lanyards. They cost $5. Absurd.

– It’s going to rain and whatnot. I have no shits to give. I will be all over it, rain or shine.

– Did you see the Vandy – Ole Miss game last night?


Vandy lost.

– Costumes this year: Dude from Rockapella, Axe Cop and Batman. Batman!!!!!

– Objectives this year:

1) Achieve balance between love for football, love for Star Trek.

2) Watch Bama game.

3) Bathe.

4) Walk up 35 flights of stairs to avoid standing ass-to elbow in an elevator with people who have not achieved objective No. 3.

5) Avoid panels that require 8 hour waits.

6) Not lose my badge.

– Do not touch the camera lens!!!!!! (This is a portion of an argument, ignore it).

– Do not eat Cheesy Poofs in the bed or you will be a Tennessee fan.

– Bring your asthma inhaler with you everywhere.

– The Falcons are on TV? Why are the Falcons on TV?

– Dragon*Con! W000t!

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