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Church mission trip supports re:loom’s mission

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Church mission trip supports re:loom’s mission


There’s something so uplifting about working with re:loom.

If you could do anything for them, even make a small contribution, it’d be a big help.

Full disclosure, I’m an unpaid volunteer with re:loom but I’m also a huge fan of their work. They’re helping homeless people find a job and get back on their feet. They’re also producing some amazing home decor in the process.

Also, go have a nice dinner at Twain’s. Twain’s sponsored re:loom at its recent trivia night and it was such a wonderful gesture. They’re a great local business and committed to being a part of the community. I eat there enough that I may be helping to finance someone’s boat.

re:loom is part of the Initiative for Affordable Housing.

The other day I dropped by for my weekly meeting and I found Lisa Wise, the Initiative’s executive director, entertaining a bunch of college students.

They were on a mission trip, as it turned out. They were helping with our marketing efforts, dressing up one of the Initiative’s offices into a “college dorm.”

Lisa told me that she hoped it would inspire college students to buy a nice rug or some other re:loom accessory to take with them to college.

I’m not sure what college students are into these days, but these students were enjoying themselves.


I think this re:loom stuff makes these college students look infinitely cooler and more educated, don’t you?


The students all had a good chuckle when I told them what a journalist’s average salary is.

I’m not a college decorator, but I recall a few more cinder blocks and a giant empty beer growler filled with loose change. Also, there was a Metallica poster in there somewhere.

Anyway, these students were really cool.

They all attended different colleges, but were members of the same church: First Presbyterian in Lenoir, N.C.

The group had a busy agenda, including lots of projects working on the exterior of re:loom’s Weavehouse. Atlanta’s weather decided it didn’t want to cooperate, so they spent much of their week here working indoors and alongside re:loom’s weavers.

They enjoyed getting to know them better.

Douglas Terry, sophomore the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, said he got to see firsthand “how awesome having a stable job is for them.”

“It’s a stable job, with benefits, for 10 people which is really cool,” Terry said.

For the full press release on this, click here.

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