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Dragon*Con Day 2: Hot mess edition

Decaturish updates

Dragon*Con Day 2: Hot mess edition



I’m so glad Atlanta decided to end its record streak of cool gray evenings this weekend and return to August swamp ass weather. This weekend! When 100,000 people cram into downtown! Yes!

Saw the Dragon*Con parade. Then, drum roll please:


My friend Mike (you know him) came into town and had an extra ticket. He asked if I would like to go. Hell yes, I said.

But first! The parade.


– The trolley work is a royal pain in the ass to get around. Altered parade route. Lots of elbows and shoving.

– Ghost Busters is pretty popular this year. Firefly appears to have been relegated to step-child status.

– I went to a Walking Dead Panel yesterday, the actors didn’t show (though we had a charming moderator). I waited an hour and a half for that garbage. Worst. Panel. Ever.

– Last night the thing that saved my life was the frozen cappuccino at Starbucks. Cold, refreshing, energizing. I savored every slurp.

– I am watching the Texas A&M game. They just suspended the whole defensive line. Lol.

– I tried to get into the Dr. Who Party. There was a line. I did not go to the Dr. Who Party.

– Well, it’s not raining. It’s hawt. I am fighting to stay hydrated. I’m also about to get on MARTA near Dragon*Con to go to the Dome for the Bama game. It will be somewhat like leaving the set of Chronicles Narnia and walking onto the set of Forrest Gump. I am not a smart man, but I know what Dragon*Con is.

– The Westin was a nice choice. Fairly chilled out, mostly older people.

– Last night some drunk person dressed as a character from Naruto kept feeling everyone up and singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. She took requests and I told her to sing, “Baby Got Back.” She took this as an invitation to grab my bum.

– Game of Thrones, also big this year. I didn’t feel like it got as much love last year.

– The Parade was great. Lots of feats of badassery were performed, including the Waldo juggling swords on stilts. Also, I found Waldo.