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Emory exploring partnership with re:loom

Decaturish updates

Emory exploring partnership with re:loom


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this item show up in my Google news alerts: “Uniform discards benefit Emory and the community.”

I do some volunteer PR work for the group that received Emory’s donations, re:loom.

For the full press release on this development, click here.

Getting the interest of a powerhouse like Emory is definitely great news for re:loom. They are beginning to draw more attention as the word spreads about the work they’re doing here in Decatur.

Because our representatives in Washington D.C. are too busy trying to figure out who is going to pay for all the pizzas somebody ordered, funding is becoming tighter for groups like re:loom and its parent group, the Initiative for Affordable Housing.

These nonprofits meet a critical need in our community. Homelessness isn’t one of those things that will fix itself. The re:loom program takes homeless adults referred through the Initiative and gives them full-jobs, with benefits. And, as if that wasn’t do-goodery enough for you, the jobs involve taking old clothes and linens, then “upcycling” them into purses, handbags and rugs.

It’s neat concept and a worthy cause.

Emory’s help is appreciated, and their influence will help increase the visibility of this wonderful nonprofit.

Thank ya, Emory.