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Spanx you very much

Decaturish updates

Spanx you very much


reloomlogoSo the other day I went to visit Lisa Wise, Executive Director of the Initiative for Affordable Housing in Decatur. For the last few months I’ve been doing some volunteer PR consulting work for the Initiative’s re:loom project.

Lisa told me she had some exciting news and that I had to keep it a secret. Now you have to remember, I make my living telling people things. Keeping Lisa’s secret has been one of my more challenging assignments.

I’ve been sitting on this for about two weeks. The wait is over.

re:loom will be featured in the Spanx catalog.

Yes, that Spanx.

This will bring re:loom attention it definitely needs. All of the uncertainty in Washington D.C. and the devastating effects of budget cuts are a constant threat to nonprofits like the Initiative and re:loom.

For those of you who don’t already know, re:loom is a homelessness transition program. Homeless adults are often jobless and this creates lengthy employment gaps. re:loom helps by giving these adults full time jobs, with benefits like paid time off and health care. Employees at re:loom take donated materials, like blankets and uniforms, and turn them into handbags, rugs and other nifty accessories.

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, got her big break when Oprah named Spanx a “Favorite Thing.”

Blakely wanted to “pay it forward” and created her own Leg Up program to spotlight female entrepreneurs. In addition to recognizing Lisa’s amazing talent and accomplishments, Spanx also recognized Stephanie Jolluck, founder of Coleccion Luna.

Congrats to her as well.

Here’s the full press release on the Leg Up award. It’s such a wonderful thing for the employees of re:loom.

I’m really excited for Lisa and her crew. I’m glad we can finally share the news with you.