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Twain’s trivia night a huge success

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Twain’s trivia night a huge success


I suck at trivia. No one ever asks questions that cover things I know, like Simpson’s quotes or random knowledge gleaned from the Internet Movie Database.

I did have one minor victory at Twain’s trivia night last Monday. I correctly named that R2D2 is the character that Kenny Baker plays in all six “Star Wars” movies.

It was all downhill after that, but no matter. The night was a wild success. Why? Because it was busy, and these days busy is always good. It was particularly good for the nonprofit I’m volunteering with, re:loom.

re:loom was one of the sponsored nonprofits, meaning it will receive 10 percent of the night’s sales.

“You guys brought out quite the crowd,” the general manager, Ben Horgan, told me via email.

It was a packed house, for sure. It was hard to find a place to sit. I shook the branches a little, convincing some of my friends to take up a huge table by the front window. While the donations will certainly be appreciated, the re:loom folks were just thrilled to hear the nonprofit’s name announced several times during the course of the evening.

Word of mouth really does make a difference and we’re thankful to Twain’s for helping to spread the word.

It’s a great local business supporting a local nonprofit. Can’t beat that.

On Saturday, Initiative for Affordable Housing Executive Director Lisa Wise dropped by Twain’s and dropped off a small token of appreciation for the help.

A couple of Twain's employees accepted re:loom's gift, a table runner made from recycled materials.

A couple of Twain’s employees accepted re:loom’s gift, a table runner made from recycled materials.