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UA cuts employee hours, blames Obamacare

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UA cuts employee hours, blames Obamacare


Editor’s note: I’m from Alabama, but currently reside in metro Atlanta. I have roots in Alabama and care about its future.

The other day I got a nifty fundraising letter from the University of Alabama, along with return address stickers (because we all know how much people love sending mail these days).

It asked me for a donation. I threw the letter in the trash. Roll Tide, I thought. Y’all are doing just fine, considering the university president’s brother, Jo Bonner, got a job as a lobbyist for the University of Alabama System.

How tone-deaf and hypocritical can University of Alabama officials be?

Well, if there’s one thing UA knows how to do, it’s set the bar.

Case in point. John Archibald, citing a story first reported by Al.com’s Melissa Brown, points out the hypocrisy of UA’s latest shameless stunt.

Cut hours for graduate students tutoring football players, blame it on Obamacare.

Yes, the university – an institution that will gladly shell out $350,000 to give the university president’s brother a job and pay the football coach a salary that dwarfs the budgets of some countries – can’t keep paying graduate students these exorbitant salaries. If they work too much, UA might have to provide health benefits, you see.

As we all know, health benefits are a privilege not a right, unlike lobbying jobs for siblings of university presidents.

A couple of points:

1) Employers whining about the health care law have known for a few years that this was happening. They had ample time to budget for it and they didn’t. Blame the health care law all you want, but it wasn’t like the law was just passed last week.

2) The University of Alabama can afford it. How many health insurance policies would Bonner’s salary have covered?

So keep sending your fundraising letters, UA. As long as you continue to act in a way that shows you’re more interested in profiting from students than educating them, I don’t think you’ll be in need of my contributions.