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Unintentional commentary

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Unintentional commentary


Editor’s note: I was raised in Alabama, but I moved to Atlanta. I still follow what’s happening in my home state. 

State Rep. Jim Barton resigned today. It was news only to people who don’t follow Alabama politics very closely. Rumors had been in the air for weeks, rumors Barton denied

Barton will become a lobbyist for Kinney Capitol Group. He becomes the fourth fifth (?!) state Republican this summer to leave office for another job before finishing their term.

The others:

– State Rep. Jay Love.

– Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman.

– U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner.

– And someone else just pointed out to me that state Rep. Barry Mask also left (or is leaving) office for a private sector gig? Huh? This one completely flew under my radar, somehow. I’m having a difficult time figuring out when he left (or is going to leave) his elected office.

Naturally, aside from mentioning the other resignations, many of Alabama’s reporters have made clear they aren’t the least bit curious about them occurring in such a short time span. The folks over at the Montgomery Advertiser political blog have been a little more straightforward about pointing out the strange timing of the announcements.

I tried to think of a way to illustrate the absurdity of reporters not asking any questions about something going on right in front of them. Fortunately,  an Alabama journalist did my job for me, though he might not have realized it. One simple exchange between one of Al.com’s lead political reporters, George Talbot, and an anonymous Twitter user captured the sentiment perfectly.

Behold, the breathtaking irrelevance of Alabama’s media.


Good digging there, Al.com.