WalMart weighs in, doubts Good Growth Dekalb will halt Suburban Plaza development

Posted by August 30, 2013

For WalMart, it seemed like the perfect place to put a new store. An urban isthmus of high profile frontage on two busy Decatur crossroads.

But after plans to build a Walmart Supercenter at the Selig Enterprises owned Suburban Plaza went pubic in the fall of 2011, grassroots groups such as Good Growth Dekalb have fought to stop the proposed development in court. contributor Joe Avary sat down with Massachussets-based Bill Wertz, WalMart Media Director, to give the company’s take on this controversial issue featured in this August 26th report.

“The fact that we do have a small group that has opposed it really hasn’t changed our mind about the value to the community,” explained Wertz, who expects the WalMart Supercenter to employ more than 300 employees.
Suburban Plaza, future site of WalMart Supercenter?

Suburban Plaza, future site of WalMart Supercenter?

Not everyone is in agreement as to WalMart’s impact on the economic health of the community. This Journal of Urban Economics study found that for every job created by WalMart, 1.4 other jobs are lost as other businesses react to WalMart’s presence.
The late-1950's shopping center shows it's age

The late-1950’s shopping center shows signs of age

“I really think that the community is going to be delighted with this project when it’s completed,” said Wentz, “The jobs, the low prices that we’re going to bring to the community will be very welcome.”


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