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Why dynasties fall

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Why dynasties fall


Editor’s note: I’m from Alabama and currently live in metro Atlanta. I graduated from the University of Alabama and I’m pleasantly surprised to find that Georgia fans hate Auburn more than we do. Roll Tide.

Passing along this post from Roll Bama Roll because of its wonderful recounting of historic events through the eyes of an Alabama football fan and because it’s a cautionary tale about complacency.

Everything ends, even dynasties. My favorite line:

The current streak in Tuscaloosa is fun, but it will end. They always do. When the end comes the fans will once again argue about what caused the fall, but the answers given will vary.

The real answer will lie within the players. Desire will be replaced by expectation. Hunger will be replaced with entitlement. Time with the media will replace time with game film. The underlying cause will be how the players conceptualize victory and defeat.

It’s really worth reading the whole thing. Click here.

As an aside, I hate people at football games who whine when people in front of them stand up to cheer. If you wanted to sit down, stay home and watch it on TV. If you’re at the game, get off your duff and do your job!