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5 Best/Worst of Music Midtown

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5 Best/Worst of Music Midtown


I’ve finally dried off from this past weekend’s rainy Music Midtown festival in Piedmont Park. Here are the five best and worst parts of the two-day music fest in no particular order.

Music Midtown took place Friday Sept. 16 and Saturday Sept. 17.

Music Midtown took place Friday Sept. 16 and Saturday Sept. 17.

The Best:

1. The Arctic Monkeys smashing everyone in the face with the best rock show I’ve seen all year

2. Weezer’s hour-long journey through their two decades of music. I saw high school kids singing along with 45-year-olds — fun stuff.

3. Crowds — in all fairness never really that great of a thing, but they weren’t ever awful all weekend. It was a bit of a shock. Props to festival planners.

4. Mud wrestling, which a couple people started doing Saturday in the mud pit that developed in front of the Great Southeast Music Hall stage.

5. Corndogs. Nuff said.

The Worst

1. Mud (with the notable exception above). I gave up on cleaning and threw away pretty much everything I wore Saturday.

2. Cake’s lead singer talking more than singing. They’re one of my favorite bands, but this guy took like, 10 minutes between each song to ramble about nothing.

3. Paying $10 for a crappy beer, which in all fairness is one of my biggest complaints at every event ever.

4. Thievin! My bike was stolen and I bet I’m not the only Midtown resident who had something snatched by the less-then-desirable members of the Music Midtown crowd.

5. 2 Chainz time slot. Why would you put such a great act so close to when people get off work, Music Midtown? Why!?!

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