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Blue Sky Concert Series Kickoff

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Blue Sky Concert Series Kickoff


There were no sour notes in Decatur Square Wednesday afternoon as the Blue Sky Concert series sent echoes through the city. Families, friends, and working folks on their lunch break gathered on blankets and tables near the bandshell to take in the sun and the sounds from resident piano-popper Kurt Scobie.

City of Decatur Special Events Coordinator Katie Abel told Decaturish.com the concert series has been running every May and September for over 25 years.

“I don’t think people are ever sick of coming to the square,” said Abel with a laugh, “There’s beautiful weather, great sky, tons of space and awesome local music.”

It’s part of a month of music planned for September, that includes Blue Sky Concerts on Wednesdays from noon to 1pm. The Concerts on the Square series will run every Saturday night from 7-9:30pm. There’s also fireworks planned after the September 28th concert as a make-up date for the rained-out July 4th fireworks show.

Perfect piano-pop weather

Perfect piano-pop weather


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