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Posted by Dan Whisenhunt September 30, 2013

Never let it be said that suffers from a lack of talent.

Ralph Ellis, who has been a big part of our site in recent weeks, wrote about this past weekend’s TomorrowWorld festival for the New York Times.

I thought Ralph covered the issue fairly and accurately. Anecdotal guesstimates that “at least half” of the crowd was high on something are probably conservative. You really had two categories of folks. People who were a little drunk and/or stoned and people who were too f&*^$d up to work a water fountain.

The article does a great job of pointing out that, contrary to popular belief, the festival isn’t about frying your brain. Drug use plays a big role at any music festival. I notice a deficit of media hysteria surrounding other notorious events, like any Widespread Panic show or Bonnaroo.

I’ll have a more detailed wrap up and a video tomorrow. Congrats to Ralph for getting an article published in The Times. Making us proud.

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