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Music Midtown playlist

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Music Midtown playlist


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I have no doubt Music Midtown — a two-day, mostly rock music festival featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers and Journey as headliners — will rock my

Music Midtown takes place Friday Sept. 16 and Saturday Sept. 17.

Music Midtown takes place Friday Sept. 16 and Saturday Sept. 17.

socks. I’ve bought my tickets, coordinated with friends and worked out my schedule. All that remains is listening to these bands non-stop for the next few days to make sure I know all the words to all their songs so I can look like a super fan and become best friends with the musicians. For the slightly-less dedicated, here’s a playlist of the best songs this weekend’s bands have to offer:

2 Chainz, Birthday Song – One of the few non-rock acts this weekend, you won’t regret showing up early for this Georgia native’s over-the-top lyrics and solid beats. This collab with Kanye West came out right around my birthday. My girlfriend was not amused.

Phoenix, 1901 – This band is hands down my favorite thing to come out of France since support of the American Revolution.

Cake, Wheels – Easily my favorite band playing, it was tough to pick a favorite song. Prepare to be blown away by their awesome bassist and horns.

Journey, Any Way You Want It – I don’t know whether I’m looking forward to Journey or dreading the show. Their guitar lines are great (the reason I chose this song), but every single track feels like a 70s/80s music cliche.

The Neighbourhood, Wires – Obviously I couldn’t pick their ubiquitous summer single Sweater Weather. This track is a great reflection of their dark, mellow sound.

Weezer, El Scorcho – Weezer has more than enough hit singles to fill their hour set, but here’s hoping they play one of their quirkiest, unpopular singles for the hell of it!

Arctic Monkeys, Fluorescent Adolescent – Brit-rock at its best.

Imagine Dragons, It’s Time – There was a shocking number of singles out from this band this summer. With only one album under their belt I’m sure we’ll hear them all, no complaints from me.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sacrilege – You probably remember them from the song Maps back in 2004, but their latest stuff is a lot darker and a lot dancy-er.

Queens of the Stone Age, Go With The Flow – This band’s music will be an awesome kick in the face to propel you to the final headliner…

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Suck My Kiss – You can’t beat old-school Chili Peppers when it comes to rockin bass lines. I’m hoping they split their set between their modern stuff and their harder early stuff.