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SEEN ON SCENE: Falcons QB Matt Ryan makes Decatur Monday Night Destination

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SEEN ON SCENE: Falcons QB Matt Ryan makes Decatur Monday Night Destination


After a long and difficult day, a beer always seems like a good idea. The dog needed a walk, and I live nearby, so the two of us made tracks to the sidewalk in front of the Brick Store Pub where I had a much-needed stress reliever.

I started shooting the breeze with this guy named Dano – dogs are a great conversation starter – and as one would expect over a beer this time of year, we started talking about football.

Dano told me  Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan stopped by the Brick Store for a minute before having dinner at nearby Leon’s Full Service.

Dano works in the Brick Store kitchen, where the Falcons are especially popular. Dano sees a connection.

“Hardworking guys love hardworking football teams,” he explained.

Matt Ryan may have discovered the Brick Store from teammate Tony Gonzalez, a Brick Store regular.

“I think [Matt Ryan] is a little taller than Tony [Gonzalez] honestly,” said Dano, telling me Ryan appeared to be a couple inches taller than the 6’4″ listed on his NFL bio (Gonzalez is listed as 6’5″).

Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez has a taste for Belgian Beer and hits up the Brick Store a few times a season. Dano told me that the crowds tend to play it cool even in the presence of Atlanta’s biggest names in sports.

I’ve always thought highly of Tony Gonzalez. He’s one of the game’s biggest good-guys – he and his wife October Gonzalez are seemingly always giving back to the community through their efforts with groups such as Shadowbuddies.

No word on whether the Dirty Birds will do postgame in Decatur after their Monday Night Football appearance scheduled for October 7th at the Georgia Dome.