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Sheep To dine at the Cemetery

Decaturish updates

Sheep To dine at the Cemetery


The invasive plants at the Decatur City Cemetery don’t have a chance.

Starting Monday, Trees Atlanta will unleash a herd of 75 sheep to go after kudzu, ivy and other plants that have taken over a steep hillside between the creek and Section 14, which is on the east side of the cemetery, according to the Decatur Minute website.

The sheep are expected to graze seven to 10 days, kept in check by a human shepherd, solar powered, low-voltage electrified fencing and some livestock guard dogs.

Trees Atlanta, which is restoring the woodlands along the stream corridor, has used sheep in other spots such as Chastain Park, Kirkwood Forest, Morningside Nature Preserve, and Candler Park.

One of the big upsides of using sheep: No chemicals are used.

248345_107811895976432_7522174_n Ewe-niversally Green will provide the sheep.