VIDEO: Labor Day Weekend Rages on For Victory Sandwich Bar Employees

Posted by September 3, 2013

A holiday weekend doesn’t always mean a day off in this day and age. More places are open, more people are working. Labor Day seems like less of a big deal than when I was growing up.

I wondered about why that is? Schools start before Labor Day here in the south, so there’s less of a seasonal line of demarcation between summer and fall. The recessed prominence of labor unions doesn’t help the cause of the working stiff’s holiday either.

Then I saw something that made me happy. A black bus parked in front of Victory Sandwich bar on Church Street. The words “drunk tank” were spray-painted in huge cartoon letters on the side of the bus and the windows were tinted black. It was a sweet ride.

Victory and Paper Plane are closing their doors until Wednesday’s dinner service and taking a day trip up to Lake Lanier. Bad bosses of the world take note: this is the way to treat your employees.

So who else is jealous?

Victory Sandwich Bar & Paper Plane

UPDATE: Leon’s Full Service was closed to the public Tuesday Night for an employee’s only gathering. From the sidewalk it looked and sounded like a real cool time.


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