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Bicycle League homepage makes local editor internet famous. Also, Bike to Work Challenge is Thursday

Decaturish updates

Bicycle League homepage makes local editor internet famous. Also, Bike to Work Challenge is Thursday


So apparently I’m considered a typical American bicyclist.

It’s really more about my hatred of cars than my love for the two-wheeled apparatus that’s useful in non-lethal traffic situations. (My definition of lethal traffic differs greatly from the definition accepted by real bicyclists, whom I admire greatly.)

My incidental participation in a Tweed and Vintage Bike Ride last year made for a great photo. I thought so at the time. The League of American Bicyclists (think Extraordinary Gentlemen, but with bicycles) did, too, which explains my bearded presence on the group’s homepage.

Here’s the picture, sans links.


That’s me in the brown vest, standing next to the beautiful woman wearing a hounds-tooth hat and coat. Photo by Cameron Adams

The Tweed Ride was one of the many brilliant ideas of Jae Schmidt. Jae owns the Houndstooth Road shop on Church Street. He’s quite possibly the best salesman I’ve ever met.  He has that ability to make everyone feel smart about the decisions they make while they’re standing in his store. He’s also got a knack for marketing.

Since I’m now among the unofficial spokespeople for bicycling in America, it would only make sense that I inform you about the Bike to Work Challenge 2013 Breakfast. (It’s a challenge just saying that. I digress.) 

Decatur Active Living, a division of the city, is offering free breakfast in front of the Decatur Rec Center at 231 Sycamore Street. The event begins at 7 a.m.

The menu reads like a hipster’s last meal. It includes juice from Arden’s Garden and fresh baked goods and coffee from Java Monkey.

Arden’s Garden I credit directly with helping me shed about 30 pounds between the time I took that picture and now. (OK, the bike probably helped.)

Java Monkey I credit with helping me write these posts.

There are also instructions for how you should make your badass entrance. “Sun rises at 7:44 that morning, so show us your best lights as you roll in, and knock that 60 degree chill back with some warm Java!”