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O’Neil’s Pick Six – 10-5-13

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O’Neil’s Pick Six – 10-5-13


Welcome to the inaugural O’Neil’s Pick Six. Each week I’ll post my six favorite college and NFL matchups, fantasizing about all the money I, and in turn you, would win if only sports betting were legal in the US. Without further ado, here’s what I got:

The University of Georgia is the greatest football school to ever play the game. Look for them to trounce Tennessee Saturday.

The University of Georgia is the greatest football school to ever play the game. Look for them to trounce Tennessee Saturday.

Georgia -10.5 at Tennessee – As a die-hard Bulldawg I never pretend to put money on UGA (losing is a double kick in the jewels and winning already makes me happy), but this line is good enough to tempt me to break my rule. UGA might be down their top running back with Todd Gurley injured. They might be worn out from the nearly the toughest September schedule possible. Maybe Tennessee plays better than they did against a weakened Florida (Tenn. lost 31-17). But I still don’t see Georgia winning by less than 14.

Louisville -32 at Temple – Louisville has arguably the weakest schedule of all the Top Ten teams, and their only shot at keeping or improving their No. 7 spot is to blow out the weak teams they play every Saturday and pray everyone above them ends up with like, three losses. They tore up a weak Kentucky two weeks ago (don’t let Kentucky’s 13 junk time points fool you) and are set to tear the 0-4 Owls a new one.

Miami -5.5 v. Georgia Tech – Miami is hot and Tech has been disappointing. Miami’s at home, Georgia Tech’s coming off a loss to Virginia Tech where they managed nothing more than a TD and a field goal. Miami beat an injured Florida by 5, and I don’t think Georgia Tech is a half point better. Miami all the way.

NC State -7.5 at Wake Forest – Not the most exciting game, but hey, there’s pretend dolla billz to be won. NC State came away with 14 against a real good Clemson, holding them to 26. Wake gave up more than that to Clemson within 21 minutes of play before getting blown out 56-7. Plus, Wolfpack is just a cooler mascot than Demon Deacons.

East Carolina -7.5 at MTSU – Sticking with the Carolinas, I’m expecting the Pirates to run up the score on the Blue Raiders. Both teams faced a crappy Florida Atlantic. One came away with a solid 31-13 win. The other eked out a 42-35 OT win. Both faced North Carolina. One came out with a 55-31 win. The other came out with a 40-20 loss. Wanna guess which one was which (hint: East Carolina is the better team)?

Rams -11 v. Jaguars – The Jaguars are a dumpster fire. They’re 0-4 on the season. They’re 0-4 against the spread. The Rams aren’t a whole helluva lot better (they’re 0-4 against the spread too…) but the Jags are just awful. Betting on a good team is fun, but betting against an awful team is even better. You might want to play it safe and buy the point to drop the line to 10, but I could see the Rams coasting to an easy 14-point victory Sunday afternoon.

Great picks? Awful picks? Let us know what you think!