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Poll: Do you support a moratorium on tear downs?

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Poll: Do you support a moratorium on tear downs?


Editor’s note: This poll is now closed due to the city’s decision to split the moratorium into two separate ordinances. For more details, click here

Decatur’s City Commission will meet on Oct. 21 and consider a moratorium on issuing permits for tree removal and tear downs of single family residences.

The issue obviously stirs a lot of passion in the community, judging by comments on this website and Decatur Metro.

Passion and volume don’t always indicate broad support or opposition, however. If we want to know where folks stand on the issue, we need to use a notoriously suspect method of measuring it.

This poll will be open for the next seven days, ending the Sunday before the City Commission meeting. I know people in city government read our website. You have their attention, Decatur.

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