Sen. McCain confirms existence of reality during Fox News interview

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 11, 2013

Sen. John McCain has been present for some of the greatest awkward moments in modern political history.

He renounced the Christian Right, and then embraced it in a manly way.



This led comedian Jon Stewart to ask, “Are you smoking crack, Senator?

To which McCain replied, “If you think that’s nuts, wait till you see who I pick for vice president.”

McCain warned the agents of intolerance were leading his party astray. What he forgot to add was, “And I really don’t want to deal with it if I have to run for president again in eight years.”


The senator has nothing to lose at this point. Unfortunately, it’s gotten so bad that the simple act of telling the truth on Fox News is considered mavericky.


Shine on you crazy diamond.

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