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Transparency report: September

Decaturish updates

Transparency report: September


I’ve made transparency an essential part of everything we do at Decaturish.com. That transparency is a critical part of keeping our commitment to you, particularly those of you who have donated to us over the last two months.

Here are our donations, including a $100 match from the editor.

9/9/2013 $200
9/12/2013 $20
9/13/2013 $25
Match: $100

All donations were split equally between our contributors. This model is what we’re working with for the time being. As we progress, there will be more detailed discussions about the best way to distribute proceeds fairly. The ultimate goal is creating a viable, sustainable business.

But first things first: we need to make sure we have a product that people actually want. That’s why we need your help.

If you could please answer a couple of survey questions, we’d appreciate it. Our goal is making sure we produce content that you actually want to read. If you are reading and enjoying our product at the moment, I encourage you to please consider making a donation (the donation button is at the right hand corner of the screen). If you have any additional thoughts, please leave them in the comments section of this post.

Thank you.

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