(Video) Voices heard: Poetry reading on a Saturday afternoon

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 29, 2013
Cecilia Woloch, killing it at the Voices Carry reading in Decatur, Oct. 26

Cecilia Woloch, killing it at the Voices Carry reading in Decatur, Oct. 26

Four poets struggled through Atlanta traffic to get to the library in Decatur on Saturday, Oct. 26.

There was a horrible wreck on the interstate, setting things back by 20 minutes. The host, my co-worker Collin Kelley, switched the order of speakers around to give the late arrivals time to breathe.

Poetry readings aren’t ready-made for spectators. I’ve always enjoyed poetry in more of an academic way, in school books or between magazine articles. I’ve written some too, but they’re more form over substance. I like seeing how words combine and complement each other.

I was in a room full of people who knew their craft and for that I was grateful. The audience appreciated it, too.

I had some favorites.

Part 1

Collin Kelley – “Wonder Woman” (Editor’s note: I might be partial to this because it involves a DC comics character, but it was also pretty funny.) @ 5 minutes, 45 seconds.

Helen Losse – “Essence of orange” @ 13 minutes, 42 seconds.

Jessie Carty – “Everyone named her bright” @ 37 minutes


Part 2

Erica Wright – “If you have two lovers and one is imaginary” (Editor’s note: It’s about a long-distance relationship. Great title.) @ 4 minutes 37 seconds

Cecilia Woloch – “Why I believed as a child that people had sex in bathrooms” (Editor’s note: This one was so beautifully honest.) @ 17 minutes and 51 seconds


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