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Community links: Who wants this puppy?

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Community links: Who wants this puppy?


PuppyAnyone want this puppy? Her name is Heidi and she has a lot of company over at the DeKalb Animal Shelter. If you want to see more of these babies, click here. There’s never been a better time to invest in dogs. It’s an adopter’s market, really.

– WSB-TV reports that a veteran moving to Decatur ran into some trouble on the way into town. A couple of weeks ago some jerk-ass in San Antonio stole his U-Haul trailer. Police found the U-Haul, but the thieves had taken everything the veteran and his daughter owned.  To find out how you can help this man, click here.

– Cross Roads News reports that Columbia High School students are collecting donations to help them cook Thanksgiving meals for 500 homeless people. Want to help? Click here.

– Now that state Sen. Jason Carter, D-Decatur, is planning to run against Gov. Nathan Deal, his senate seat is up for grabs. Decatur Metro reports that local attorney Kyle Williams is stepping up to the plate.

– The Asheville Citizen Times, Asheville, N.C., reports that the city’s restaurant scene is moving into other markets, including Decatur.

– A Decatur man will spend seven years in prison after pleading guilty to swindling investors out of nearly $7 million, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

– An Associated Press Reporter from Decatur recently reviewed two gaming PCs. Looks like he reviewed some of the accessories, too.

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