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Decatur City Commissioners consider spending $1 million more on municipal complex

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Decatur City Commissioners consider spending $1 million more on municipal complex


Icon_GovernmentCity Commissioners will meet Monday, Nov. 4. There’s a request for a $1.09 million contract increase for the Beacon Municipal Center on the agenda.

The center will now cost approximately $32 million. The total project budget is $38.3 million.

The increase is to cover the cost of improving the swimming pool at the center. The municipal center is scheduled to open this summer. It will also be the new headquarters of City Schools of Decatur.

At the City Commission’s Oct. 7 meeting, commissioners approved a $253,000 contract increase for the municipal center to cover the costs of several additions, including removal of contaminated soil and security improvements at the school offices.

Commissioners will also consider setting a budget and awarding contracts for revisions to its tree removal regulations and studying the impact of tear downs in the city. City Commissioners on Oct. 21 approved a 90 day moratorium on tree removals. Commissioners voted against a similar moratorium for tear downs of single family homes. Tearing down older homes to make way for newer, more expensive ones is a contentious issue, pitting longtime residents against people who want to move into the city’s school district.

Commissioners will consider setting a $10,000 budget for updating the tree removal codes and a $25,000 budget for analyzing the impact of tear-downs. Commissioners will be asked to consider awarding a $7,700 contract to Technical Tree Services for revisions to the tree removal codes and a $20,000 contract to Market + Main to study the impact of tear downs.

City Commission meets at City Hall, located at 509 North McDonough Street. The work session begins at 6:45 p.m. and the regular meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.