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Decatur’s Season of Giving is back

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Decatur’s Season of Giving is back


seasonGiveChristmas and the Holidays can go a little overboard with the concept of “getting” things.

Every year we are treated to image of consumption for the sake of consumption. That’s OK. It makes the wheels of capitalism spin. But for every opportunity to jump on a great bargain, there’s an opportunity to help one of your neighbors in need.

If you need a karma offset this year, I’d highly recommend participating in the City of Decatur’s Season of Giving project. The city is providing wish lists from low-income children and seniors living in our community.

If shopping isn’t your thing, you can also send a check and a city volunteer will make the purchases. You can also volunteer at the city’s distribution center, if you’re so inclined.

The city is encouraging neighborhoods to participate together. I first heard about Season of Giving through the Lenox Place Neighborhood Facebook group. One of the residents there is rallying the neighbors as I type this. The gifts are due Dec. 7. For more info email [email protected] or call 404-378-8068.

Please participate in this, if you can. It’s a worthy cause.