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Going out of town? Tell the police

Decaturish updates

Going out of town? Tell the police


Icon_PoliceDecatur Police will help keep an eye on your stuff when you leave town for the holidays.

I reached out to Sgt. Jennifer Ross, the Decatur Police spokeswoman, who gave me the details on Decatur’s program.

“We offer ‘Out of Town’ house checks, also called ‘Vacation Checks,’ year round for city residents,” Ross told me via email.  Here is the link to the request form.

She added, “Or a resident can call our Communications Center at 404/373-6551 to make the request.

“Also, during the holiday season we have additional officers working targeted patrols in the residential areas, business district and assigned to handle the increased numbers of vacation checks.”

It’s not a unique program, of course. Lots of cities around the country do this.

It’s more of a peace of mind thing, I’m sure. But hey, it’s what you pay taxes for.

I checked the city’s website and it’s a little late to get requests in for Thanksgiving (that’s my bad for waiting this late in the game to ask about it). The police request that you to enter your info seven days before vacation starts, for scheduling reasons. You’ve got plenty of time to get your applications in for Christmas and New Years, however.