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Government tidbits: School rezoning, UDO committee members

Decaturish updates

Government tidbits: School rezoning, UDO committee members


By now, anyone who cares about the school rezoning proposals for the city of Decatur and also doesn’t live under a rock knows what’s up tomorrow.

City Schools of Decatur Board of Education is meeting and they’ll be reviewing the top-three options for redrawing the K-3 attendance zones. The CSD board meets at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday Nov. 12 at 758 Scott Boulevard, Decatur, GA 30030.

The school board is redrawing the attendance zones ahead of the 2014 reopening of Westchester Elementary, which was shuttered in 2004 because of low enrollment.

The BOE won’t vote on the maps Tuesday. There will also likely be another public engagement meeting before the board’s December meeting. The current timetable calls for a vote on the maps in December. Tuesday’s meeting will provide the first real clue about how realistic that timetable is.

Also, I wanted to tie up some loose ends on city’s commission Nov. 4 meeting.

At that meeting:

– Commissioners approved a  $1.09 million contract increase for the Beacon Municipal Center. That project is still under budget at a total cost of $32 million. The increase is for improvements to the swimming pool at the center.

– Commissioners approved setting a $10,000 budget for updating the tree removal codes and a $25,000 budget for analyzing the impact of tear-downs. Commissioners also awarded a $7,700 contract to Technical Forestry Services for revisions to the tree removal codes and a $20,000 contract to Market + Main to study the impact of tear downs.

– Commissioners appointed members of the Unified Development Ordinance steering committee, a group of folks that will help the city rewrite some of its building and zoning codes. The members are:  Robert Khayat, Scott Kintner, Joy Provost, Stan Samuels and Seegar Swanson