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October arrest roundup

Decaturish updates

October arrest roundup


All information provided by Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross.

Man contacts police after he breaks government TV

Icon_PoliceA local man approached an officer on a routine traffic stop complaining a Decatur Active Living Department employee was following him. When the office asked the man why he was being followed, the man said, “I broke their TV.” The man proceeded to tell the officer that he hit the TV with a large stick because, he said, “I do not like TVs.”

After the Active Living employee confirmed the man’s story, the officer arrested the man and charged him with interference with government property and 2nd degree criminal damage. The suspect was arrested Oct. 22.

Persistent panhandler lands in jail

Decatur police arrested a local panhandler and charged him with aggressive panhandling after he followed a local women into a store, watched her shop, followed her to her car and then left to meet her at her bank.

The panhandler approached the woman at the 200 block of West Ponce de Leon Ave. on Oct. 4. The woman told police she and her neighbor had been approached by this man before. This time she was unwilling to give him any cash, but after he wouldn’t leave her alone she told him to meet her at her bank where she could withdraw money from the ATM.

Police picked up the panhandler at the bank and found he had five warnings and citations for aggressive panhandling this year alone.

Teen talks too much, arrested for credit card theft

An Atlanta teen was arrested and charged with credit card fraud after arousing a store clerk’s suspicions when buying a gift card.

The clerk told police the 19-year-old suspect and two other young males were buying a gift card when one of them said, “It went through.” The clerk checked the credit card a little closer and saw a woman’s name. She asked the teens whose name was on the card. One teen said it was his mother’s. The clerk asked for the mom’s phone number, but the teens weren’t able to tell her. The clerk kept the card and eventually contacted police.

Officers were able to identify the suspect using security footage from this and other restaurants where the card was used. The suspect was arrested Oct. 7.

California man arrested for inhaling model glue

Police responding to a suspicious person call found a man lying on the grass near of Swanton Hill Court and West Trinity Place with a white styrofoam cup in one hand and a bottle of duster aerosol spray in the other. Police told the man to drop the can, but he instead put the spray tip in his mouth and started spraying.  Police took the can and arrested the man, charging him with intentional inhalation of model glue. The suspect was arrested on Oct. 12.