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Other interesting tidbits from Decatur’s city election

Decaturish updates

Other interesting tidbits from Decatur’s city election


Believe it or not, Decatur, Ga. held an election yesterday.

There was only one contested race, for City Schools of Decatur District 1 Post A. It was competitive. Lewis Jones beat Mark Arnold by 75 votes.

But while most of the public’s attention was focused on the only race that was in question, there were some other interesting bits of election data from Nov. 5.

– Though there were no contested races in District 2, that didn’t deter more than 300 of you from voting for District 2 Commissioner Patti Garrett and District 2 Board of Education member Bernadette Seals. I haven’t seen the precinct-by-precinct data, but it’s worth noting that First Christian Church and Holy Trinity Parish are split between Districts 1 and 2.  I bet most of those votes in the District 2 races came from these two precincts.

– Even though most of the races were uncontested, there were several write-in votes against unopposed incumbents. District 1 Post A Commissioner Fred Boykin’s race generated 40 write-ins, the most of any candidate. Garrett’s race generated 10. Anne Caiola, who ran unopposed for the BOE At-Large seat being vacated by Valarie Wilson, received 33 write-ins. There were no write-ins in the race between Arnold and Jones.

– There are 13,679 registered voters in Decatur. Turnout on Nov. 5 was around 13 to 14 percent.

Thanks to those of you who voted. You can check out the totals of votes by clicking here.