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re:loom for the Holidays

Decaturish updates

re:loom for the Holidays


reloomlogoI thought I’d take a moment to get you reacquainted with the folks at re:loom.

I do volunteer PR consulting for them and I’m on the board of directors for re:loom’s parent organization, the Decatur-based Initiative for Affordable Housing. IAH refers clients to re:loom and gives them full time jobs, with benefits.

The employees, mostly homeless women, take donated materials and recycle them – we like to call it “upcycling” – into useful things, like rugs and handbags.

When you buy from re:loom, money from sales goes back into the program.

I’m partnering with re:loom because I believe in what they do. The weavers have compelling personal stories and the program is changing lives. If you are looking for an interesting gift this year, I’d appreciate it if you’d consider purchasing something from re:loom.

They’ve got iPad covers, hammocks, pillows and passport covers. It’s a nice selection and when you make a purchase you’re supporting a great cause.

To visit the online store, click here.