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Decaturish wishes you a Merry Christmas (Plus, more safety tips from Decatur Police)

D'ish Decatur

Decaturish wishes you a Merry Christmas (Plus, more safety tips from Decatur Police)


I hope you’re all enjoying the hell out of Christmas. Open those presents, drink that eggnog and, for the love of all that is holy, don’t drive if you’re going to get hammered.

And if Christmas isn’t your holiday, I hope you’re enjoying the day off anyway. I know I am, which is why I’ll be light on posting today. But we’ll get back to business on Thursday and try to close out the year strong.

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We’ll have some exciting news in the New Year, too.

I wanted to leave you with this last bit of safety advice from Decatur Police spokeswoman Sgt. Jennifer Ross. She covers some important topics about what to do once you’ve opened all your presents. Enjoy:

– Record the serial numbers of anything you own that has them. Best practice is to record the brand, model number and serial number by keeping the packaging, snapping a photo of the information on the packaging or item itself or handwriting the information in a notebook. *Don’t let the only copy of your list be on a computer that may be stolen! This can be a great project for older kids if you make it a scavenger hunt.

– Engrave your name, initials or some type of identifying information on property that does not have serial numbers such as tools, lawn care items and sports equipment. These types of items are stolen and sold to pawn shops and consignment/secondhand stores.

– Download “locate applications” to new smart phones, computers and any electronic items that offer the feature as soon as possible.

– Break down the boxes for your new big ticket items and take them to a recycling location rather than setting them out at the curb. Would-be thieves have been known to drive around “shopping” the holiday trash to see what your home has to offer.

– Review and use all of the same safety precautions during the post-Christmas shopping rush that you have used over the last few weeks. The holiday shopping season is not yet over and while this series of safety tips has been for the holidays, they are good year around.