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Holiday safety tips: How to drink responsibly


Holiday safety tips: How to drink responsibly


Icon_PoliceDecatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross delivers the last of her holiday safety tips for 2013. “New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration, reflection and, for many of us, the eve of a fresh start for a new year with plans to meet goals that have been weighing on us,” she says. “The very last thing you want weighing down on you in the new year is a court date or even worse, being responsible for hurting someone.”

She advises:

– “Don’t drink and drive! It is not worth it. It is not worth your life, someone else’s life, being arrested, crashing your car, having your car impounded, going to court, paying for an attorney, probation, fines or having your driver’s license suspended.”

– Drink, don’t chug. This is not a frat party. You don’t want to find out who your real friends are by asking them to bail you out of jail.

– Remember, you can get into trouble, even if you’re not driving. “Just because you planned on walking does not make it safe if you are impaired. Falling down in the street is unsafe and criminals will target you as easy prey.”

– Driving impaired doesn’t just mean driving drunk. You can also use other things to catch a buzz, like weed, your grandma’s pills or, for the truly hard up, duster. Don’t alter your consciousness and drive, unless it involves Buddhism.

– Don’t take booze or rides from strangers.

– “Go out with friends and look out for each other.”

– “What goes up must come down to include bullets. Shooting a gun into the air for celebratory purposes is dangerous and illegal.” Ok, seriously I have to ask: Who the hell does this, and why? Why?

– “Combustible or explosive fireworks are prohibited in Decatur. Here is the link to the city ordinance if you want to check on specific items.” I don’t think the kids that live in my neighborhood know about this one.

– “Know where your teens are. Check to make sure they are where they are supposed to be. Share these safety tips with them – even as they roll their eyes at you.” If I could hazard a guess, they’re probably breaking city’s fireworks ordinance.

Happy New Year and thanks to Sgt. Ross for the tips.