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Kirkwood bike trail shooting: Suspect is reportedly 14

Kirkwood and East Lake

Kirkwood bike trail shooting: Suspect is reportedly 14


Icon_PoliceAfter the arrest of an unidentified juvenile suspect in connection with a deadly shooting in Kirkwood, there were unconfirmed rumors that the suspect is 14 years old.

Fox 5 Atlanta published a report that suggested police had confirmed the suspect’s age. APD spokesman Greg Lyon said this information did not come from APD public affairs, however. When asked if APD disputes the Fox 5 report, Lyon said he could not release additional information about the suspect at this time.

Lyon said police are still looking for any additional suspects involved in the Dec. 26 incident that left X’avier Arnold, a member of the U.S. Army, fatally wounded. Arnold was walking on a bike trail in Kirkwood with two other friends when police said he was approached by two suspects.

Also worth mentioning: In Georgia, there’s no minimum age for a juvenile suspect to be charged as an adult, according to the National Criminal Justice Reference service.