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Sunday morning meditation, Iron Bowl edition: Losing sucks

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Sunday morning meditation, Iron Bowl edition: Losing sucks


It was all going to end sometime …


I wouldn’t have predicted the outcome, of course, at least not this one. I regret nothing about the game, aside from the missed field goals.


I agree with Coach Nick Saban’s decision to kick a ridiculously long field goal with an inexperienced kicker. Go-to kicker Cade Foster just wasn’t reliable and would’ve probably cost us in OT. He was snake-bit after he missed the first few field goals, and Nick Saban couldn’t put that on his shoulders again. Also, all of you so-called Tide fans who are hating on Cade Foster can go screw yourselves. He’s been a solid player and this team has had an unprecedented run. You owe him and every other player your eternal gratitude.

Our special teams play was inferior and has been hit or miss all season. You screw around with a No. 4 team and they are going to punish you for it.

Anyway, the run of consecutive national championships has come to an end (for now). Long live the run.