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Yum: Highland Bakery will open Emory University location

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Yum: Highland Bakery will open Emory University location


Highland Bakery, a popular brunch spot based in Old Fourth Ward, will be adding another location: Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

According to Tomorrow’s News Today, it will be the bakery’s fifth location in metro Atlanta. The Emory Wheel, the school’s student newspaper, reports that the restaurant will open a few days before the start of the spring semester.

More from The Wheel:

According to College senior and FACE Co-Chair Michael Sacks, the restaurant will be open Monday through Friday. However, he added, the University is considering opening the bakery during weekends as the bakery at other locations is very popular on those days.

“Entertaining the idea of maybe opening on the weekends given that there is business is a possibility we are very receptive to,” Sacks said.

The Wheel says the Emory menu will be similar to one at the bakery’s Georgia Tech location.

To read the Tomorrow’s News today article, click here.

To read The Wheel article, click here.


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