Decatur (?) father and son make the pilgrimage to Colorado to buy pot

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt January 2, 2014

There’s a special moment in every man’s life when he gets high with his father for the first time.

A Georgia father and son took their bonding experience on the road yesterday. Darren and Tyler Austin were in Denver, Colo. for the first day of legal sales of marijuana. There are conflicting accounts about whether the two are from Decatur or Augusta. (We can go ahead and insert the obligatory pot memory jokes about how reporters on the scene in Denver can confuse two Georgia cities located 143 miles apart.)

Here’s a teeny tiny version of the European Press Agency photo that was published in several news outlets. (To see the full version, click here.)

I just want to say that the Austins missed an obvious pun here. You should've said, "It's high time."

I just want to say that the Austins missed an obvious pun here. You should’ve said, “It’s high time.” 

The caption on the EPA photo says the two men are from Decatur. But several other articles quoting the two men say they hail from Augusta. The Washington Times even quoted one of them. “We just wanted to be part of the celebration,” Darren Austin told the Washington Times. “It’s definitely a history-making moment.”

Tis. The Drug War has been an obvious farce for years and years. It has created more criminals than it has reformed.

I hope many states will follow Colorado’s lead in creating sane, sensible drug policies. We’ll probably be terraforming Mars by the time it happens here in the South.

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