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Decatur Police report additional car break-ins


Decatur Police report additional car break-ins


Icon_PolicePut away those valuables, folks. The thieves breaking into local cars have struck again.

Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross says that overnight police officers responded to several reports of people entering autos and stealing anything they could find, from loose change to iPhones. These latest reports occurred around East Ponce de Leon Avenue and Ponce de Leon Court.

Police said the thieves got into seven vehicles, though some of the owners haven’t been reached yet.

“The vehicles were parked in shared parking areas,” Ross said. “Some of the vehicles were knowingly left unsecured and others may have been left unsecured unintentionally. There were no signs of forced entry to any of the vehicles.”

There have been other reports this week of similar crimes, both in Decatur and down the road in Avondale Estates.