Digging up bones: DeForest Kelley time capsule raises a Vulcan eyebrow

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt January 20, 2014
One newspaper article found inside a record album cover at a thrift store. Photo from Imugr.com

One newspaper article allegedly found inside a record album cover at a thrift store. Photo from Imugr.com

This one is just plain weird.

For those of you who don’t know, DeForest Kelley – the guy who played Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy on the original Star Trek TV show – attended Decatur Boys High School and was born on Jan. 20, 1920. He passed away in 1999.

In honor of his birthday, a user of the social media website Imgur.com posted pictures of something interesting discovered inside the album cover of a vinyl record at a thrift store.

It’s a treasure trove of magazine articles and photos, all of which are curiously autographed to “Clorine – My cute kissing cousin.” You can see the full post by clicking here.


Damnit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a romance novelist. Source: Imugr.com

The person who posted the article identifies themselves only as Earth Prime and it’s not clear where the person lives or where the thrift store is located. Also, who is Clorine?


To be honest, I’m a little skeptical about this. While the premise is intriguing, the lack of any details in the Imugr post makes me wonder about the origins of these photos. I’ve reached out to the person who posted it for more information.

It’s definitely picking up a lot of buzz. It’s all over Reddit and the Imugr post has more than 400,000 views already.

So happy birthday DeForest Kelley. You got one weird-ass present, though.

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