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Kirkwood: Zone 6 gets new assistant commander

Kirkwood and East Lake

Kirkwood: Zone 6 gets new assistant commander


Icon_PoliceThe Atlanta Police Department today announced changes to command staff in charge of Zone 6, which covers Kirkwood.

According to APD, Assistant Zone 6 commander Maj. James Shaw will now oversee the department’s Code Enforcement Division. APD has promoted Capt. Bennie McGee as assistant Zone 6 commander, backing up Maj. Timothy Peek.

Other changes announced by APD:

– Capt. Marisha Shepherd is new Assistant Commander at the Airport.

– Capt. Jack Snowden is the new Night Commander.

–  Maj. Byron K. Martin is now in charge of the Community Services Section after serving as Assistant Commander in Zone 3.

According to data published by Zone 6, crime in 2014 is down in all major categories. Robberies have decreased by 63 percent and there have been no homicides thus far.