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More Snowmageddon: South Cobb School bus stranded

Decaturish updates

More Snowmageddon: South Cobb School bus stranded


A friend sent this urgent request to me. “I know it’s not Decatur,” she told me. “But can you repost?”

Sure can …UPDATE: The kids were rescued and are safe at home, according to the person who answered the phone at the number I previously listed. Glad to hear it.

SOUTH COBB, GEORGIA: SCHOOL BUS STRANDED NEEDS HELP -Emergency PLEASE SHARE! My friend Cindye Coates & I are trying to get people with chains and 4WD to help stranded children in school buses get to their subdivisions so their parents can get them. It’s in Cobb. PLEASE some of the children don’t have proper clothing (needy area), buses running out of gas & it’s horrific really. Blankets, water and a ride home.

Okay y’all please repost and get in touch with us! Let’s make this work. The authorities need our help. COMMUNITY! Who has chains? Come on heroes!!!! Elise Roth Tedeschi is posting. Dawn Devlin Lyon please post. Let’s do this thing! Let’s get them home and address the coat situation tomorrow. We are in! Steve Steve L. Kasha Jim Vinyard do y’all know anyone. One bus is off South Cobb Dr. near the Harley shop. HELP!

Also, I think WSB-TV wins for the news ticker item of the day …

Johnson Ferry traffic ticker