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Pattern? Following reports of Avondale Estates car break-ins, Decatur reports 11 more

Avondale Estates Decatur

Pattern? Following reports of Avondale Estates car break-ins, Decatur reports 11 more

An Avondale Estates Police Car. Source: City of Avondale Estates, GA

Thieves in Decatur and Avondale Estates have been busy in the last two days, according to police.

Following reports from Avondale Estates Police about seven car break-ins, Decatur Police announced that on Jan. 14 the department received 11 reports about people breaking into vehicles and taking items like iPods and Xbox game systems.

The break-ins in Decatur happened on the 100 block of Avery Street, 100 block of Hilldale Drive, 200-300 block of Winnona Drive and 100 block of Shadowmoor Drive.

The break-ins in Avondale Estates happened around the 3100 block of Kensington Road and the 800 block of Stratford Road.

Decatur Police Sgt. Jennifer Ross said the two departments are working to see if the cases are somehow related.

“Some of the vehicles were knowingly left unsecured and others may have been left unsecured unintentionally,” Ross said. “There were no signs of forced entry to any of the entered vehicles. Most of the vehicles were parked in driveways, but a few were parked on the street. Items taken from the entered vehicles include a wi-fi device, iPod, phone chargers, checkbook, flashlight, loose change, ear phones, laptop, Xbox game system and controller, digital camera, a 6-pack of paper towels, sunglasses, chewing gum, mints and a blue tooth transmitter. Many of the items taken were in plain view.

“We understand that some residents do not want to lock their vehicles in the hopes of preventing a window being broken out but we encounter entering auto suspects who specifically target unsecured vehicles because it is easier and makes less noise. Whether you choose to secure your vehicle or not, please remove any valuables from plain view. Place items in the trunk or take them with you. Also, if you have or are looking to install motion activated lights at your home, make sure the lights are installed so that someone walking into your driveway will trip the motion sensor.”